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I was recently interviewed by the blog Paw-Talk, as were Evil Monkey of the blog Neurotopia and Bug Girl, of Bug Girl’s Blog. Paw-Talk seems to be a blog for pet owners or self-described animal lovers, but the proprietress (known to me only as Ava) says she wants to include more science articles and interviews with scientists. Aside from the somewhat corny introductions, I was impressed by the quality of Ava’s questions, which clearly showed that she had done her homework before she requested the interviews. I did not notice any comments on the blog, but the Website also features a discussion board that looked well-attended.


Nicely done, Matt! I especially liked your answer to “how do you know you’re not wrong?” :)

I think that Ava does a very good job in her interviews in balancing a human interest angle to the stories while presenting some serious scientific information to her audience.

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