Phycodurus eques


Phycodurus eques — Leafy sea dragon, Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, California


I know that the Aquarium of the Pacific has been able to successfully breed the Weedy sea dragons, but, have they been able to breed the Leafy?

I saw some of these fascinating creatures just a few weeks ago at the Tennessee Aquarium, one of the few bright spots in this creationist haven. If I had taken a decent camera, I’d have some great shots of these things, as well as stunning displays of the west coast sea nettle (Chrysaora fuscescens) and pharaoh cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis). As it is, I just have blurry cell phone images.

Speaking of seadragon breeding, the TN Aquarium was only the second to successfully breed the weedy (after Aquarium of the Pacific).

They’re related to the pipefishes, which are also interesting. Last year we went to Borneo, and we were able to see and photograph the ornate ghost pipefish (click here for one of my pictures), another example of wonderful camoflage. The ornate ghost pipefish lives on certain corals, and looks just like another branch of coral.

We’re hoping to go find the leafy sea dragons next trip to the South Pacific/Coral Sea.

About that pipe fish, which end is the head? :)

The one with the eyes.…


Is that little black spot an eye, about 1/3 or so of its length from the end to our right?

That would be it. Can’t be too prominent now … although one other strategy used by the four-eye butterflyfish is to have even more prominent “eyes” … on its rear end, so the predators don’t know if it’s coming or going. That’s a stock picture off Google imaes; I have some pics of these as well (they’re like rabbits in most places in the Caribbean, so not all that unique a picture) but haven’t posted any of my own yet.


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