And the Winner Is


After about a week of voting, the winning entry in our “Mineral” category is …

“Stromatolites” by James Kocher.

For all the finalists and voting results, see the original post.


Congratulations to Mr. Kocher, and many thanks everyone who took part in the contest - submitted, commented, voted.

There are altogether 3 awards. We will announce the distribution of the awards after the “Animal” competition is finished.

Painted Hills was the leader for a while (especially in the beginning). I’m surprised it didn’t end up winning.

It was a toss up between the “Painted Hills” (my choice) and the “Stromatolites”. It is my speculation that the biology bent of the group swayed the aesthetic appeal.

Congrats to all on a fun contest!

Any chance for a higher resolution downloadable version so people could use this gorgeous photo as a desktop/wallpaper?

I was torn between the “Painted Hills” and “Stromatolites”. My natural inclination was to the “Painted Hills” but, rightly or wrongly, I have seen other photos of the the general location whereas the Stromatolites had a unique beauty.

Of them all, I found “Fulgurite” fascinating. Thank you to those who put this together and to those who took part.

Please can we have a repeat?

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