Argiope aurantia


Photograph by Makayla Arvesen, age 8.

Photography contest, Honorable Mention.

Makayla.Arvesen - Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia).jpg

Argiope aurantia–garden spider.


Fantastic.The composition, background and focus are spot-on. You are a very special 8 year old,Makayla! Well done.

I would agree. I shoot “bugs” (in the general sense of the word) every now and then and there is nothing much harder to shoot. Anything less than direct bright sunlight means loss of detail and getting good focus is a real pain.

That reminds me of a few seconds of sheer terror when I was young and walking through tall weeds. I came across a big web and a honking big garden spider. Taking a few steps back, I could calm down. I am sorry that I can’t consider them beautiful.

Inspiring some of that Halloween-y feeling already!

What a wonderful thing!

A most wonderful and vivid photograph! Startling and beautiful at the same time.

The next time I look up Argiope aurantia this is the picture I want to see.

Way to go, Makayla. Umm, got any more shots like this?

Wow. Gorgeous image. Very well done,Makayla.

this wasn’t in the running why exactly? i would have voted for it.

Wow! Excellent photograph! If this is only an honorable mention, I’m excited to see the photographs that are supposedly better.

That photo rocks! Almost no one shoots orb weavers from that angle; the composition of the photo is really original, and quite striking!


Posting these pictures by these young students is really great. Such talent often gets overlooked, and it’s always nice to see what talented young people can do.

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