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Mark Aldrich of Smith College has posted a prodigious number of cartoons under the title “Cartooning Evolution, 1861-1925.” You may look at thumbnails listed under various categories: Darwin and Evolution, Evolution as Social Comment, Victorian Science, and The Scopes Trial as interpreted by northern and southern newspapers and national magazines. Each thumbnail has a link to a larger image. According to Mr. Aldrich, many of the cartoons are readily available from the Library of Congress and other sources.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Glenn Branch of the National Center for Science Education for the reference.


Off topic: I don’t look at many Youtube videos, but a few (see video from Cristina at Pharyngula, others from Thunderf00t)ask for ratings to overcome the efforts of votebots. Here is my problem. I don’t see anywhere that tells me how to rate/vote. Can someone help me out with _simple_ instructions? Thanks.

You may need to have a Youtube account to rate.

There should be a group of five stars right beneath the Play/Pause control on the player. Click on any of the stars to assign your ranking to the video.

To clarify, if you want to rate it as a 5, click the fifth star. If you think the video was awful, click the first star.

That is an excellent source of interesting cartoons and kudos to Mark.

I have only one complaint: you can’t cut & paste the cartoons separately. Each page of cartoons appears to be a single image. This is unfortunate.

Um… Click on the text link below the image you want and you’ll see the full size image alone, which can be copied or saved.

Cool, I missed that. Thanks.

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