Harvard Darwin150 Webcast tonight


Sorry for the late notice, but there’s a webcast tonight at 8:00 Eastern time from Harvard on “The World Before Darwin,” by Everett Mendelsohn, a social historian of science. A friend who was a teaching fellow for Mendelsohn tells me he’s a very good speaker. The webcast is free, but you must register. When I registered a few minutes ago there were 599 699 webcast ‘tickets’ left.

This is apparently the first in a series of talks in Harvard’s “Darwin150” program celebrating the 150th anniversary of the publication of OoS.

Hat tip to Patricia Princehouse, the former Harvard Teaching Fellow mentioned above.


Will it be available later on demand?

I don’t know. I hope so – I had some connection probs and missed parts. It was basically a review of the pre-Darwinian socio-political and scientific context.

OK, there will be a link to video within a week here. There’s an MP3 already up here.

Thanks. I looked at the site and signed up for their newsletter.

Richard, the lecture was a big success and I thank you for promoting it here! Future lectures are listed here: http://www.darwin150.com/

Thanks for the additional comments. I didn’t see the original post in time, but have signed up for the newsletter and look forward to the webcast and future lectures.

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