Rationality Now’s tour of Ham’s “museum”


To add to the various accounts of tours of Ken Ham’s creationism museum, Rationality Now has an excellent series of six posts starting here The posts are particularly noteworthy for the excellent photographs, and I commend them to your attention. The last two paragraphs of the last post are quoteworthy. Referring to children with their families he saw in the museum, Dan writes:

Some of those kids will be stuck in that world for their entire lives. They’ll be raised that way and protected from any alternate viewpoints or ideas. They’ll be shuttered away from any kind of real, intellectually challenging science. They’ll be constantly given misleading or incorrect information about our world. Their parents will steep them in dogma, ritual, and ancient scripture for as long as they can manage… and the Creation Museum will be right there to back them up with pretty lights, bells, and whistles.

The museum is loathsome and its creators should be very, very ashamed.

But they aren’t, of course.

Hat tip to the Friendly Atheist.


The kid asked “why the dinosaurs are not eating the kids”, they were told that before the fall dinosaurs were vegetarians, the kid said “but Adam and Eve didn’t have any kids till after the fall”. They quickly wisked the kid away!

I must post this report over onm Premier Radio’s discussion forum. They’ll soon start calling me an Atheist again !

Speaking of things that people should be ashamed of.

Just another example of the non-religious thinking behind those ID guys, I guess…

Scratch that. My comment would have been better suited to the newest post.

Ashamed of what????

I happen to believe that those who teach the loathsome dogma of Darwinism should be ashamed!!!

Ashamed of what????

I happen to believe that those who teach the loathsome dogma of Darwinism should be ashamed!!!

Ashamed of what?

Well, you can start by being ashamed to think that God gave you four pounds of brains - arguably the most precious know substance in the entire known universe - and you use it to stick your head in the ground and pretend that the simple, easily demonstrated laws of nature do not exist.

Start with being ashamed of that.

What happened to my comment?

Let’s try this again:)

What should the museum be ashamed of?

Darwinism isn’t a dogma?

what are the simple, easily demonstrated laws of nature that you are referring to, and how do they apply to Darwinism? Be specific!!!

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