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The administrative hearing on the termination of John Freshwater as an 8th grade science teacher in the Mt. Vernon (Ohio) School District resumed yesterday after a 5 month hiatus. I missed most of yesterday due to a doctor’s appointment, but a friend took notes and will write them up for me sometime soon. I attended the session today (Thursday) and another is scheduled for tomorrow. I’ll likely post an omnibus account over the weekend. Meanwhile, there are news accounts here, here, and here.


David Daubenmire {president of Pass the Salt Ministries}, also testified it is his opinion that it is not only all right for teachers to talk about Easter and Good Friday in class, but it is their obligation to do so.

Well, Duh! Of course Easter and Good Friday are of central importance to high school physics classes, I mean, who can’t see that?

“The foundation of our country is Christian,” Daubenmire said. “It is a religion, but atheism is a religion and secular humanism is a religion and they are taught in school.”

Ummm… No, no, and again… no, but good try. Three whoppers in two short sentences. These guys are getting good.

Either way, I don’t remember my teachers “preaching” that there was no God.

I went to school in that town. There was a girl in the class behind me named Daubenmeier, so I suppose it’s the same family with somebody adopting a slightly simplified spelling of one of those grand old German names common in those parts.

I remember my Fourth Grade class presented a reenactment of the Easter story. (And this was public school – I don’t recall even my Sunday School class taking it as far.) The cutest girl in class was cast as the angel who says “He is risen” (she normally wore pigtails but when she let her hair fall straight for the part, I thought she was the loveliest creature on God’s green Earth… which probably shows my mind wasn’t on theological matters when it should have been). I suddenly wonder now how we staged the Crucifixion itself, which would be pretty heavy-duty for little kids, or if we just had it taking place off-stage. For what it’s worth, I was Pontius Pilate.

I guess we couldn’t have done that play now… and considering how it must have appeared to an adult watching it, maybe it’s just as well.

Richard: Many thanks for the effort and time in covering this case. I have been following it closely, as have many others.

My thanks too Richard. I’ve been following this closely from the other side of the planet and am fascinated by the painstaking constitutional requirements; great but oh so slow. This bean brain would have been found guilty of curricula abuse in NZ months ago; and fired; and rehired by the quite small, (but worryingly growing) fundamentalist private schools. I like the idea that it is extremely difficult to fire Public (State) School Teachers, but then the likes of Freshwater rears his ‘gory locks’ and I think maybe a little more speed in the expediting area could be good. Cheers anyway, and may this loathsome troglodite soon be shown the door.

From the third article:

“I would say to you that these churches and these people in this community are religious in nature,” [former M.S. Principal] Keib said. “The fact that they teach some of these things (religious-based theories about science) didn’t surprise me.”

That’s no excuse.

The summer before my H.S. senior year I worked for the police doing relatively safe outdoor jobs. Manning barricades, directing traffic at intersections, etc…

It never surprised me that during rush hour people would try and run intersections where I was directing traffic. Traffic violations are probably the most mundane and socially acceptable illegal activities there are. But I fully understood that it was still my job to stop them. How did these school officials not get that?

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