Crepuscular rays


Photograph by Vivian K. Dullien.

Rays of sunlight in fog_600.jpg

Crepuscular rays in ground blizzard, Boulder, Colorado. Photograph copyright � 2009 by Vivian K. Dullien.


Great word: “crepuscular”. Totally sounds like it should mean something else. I only recently learned the origins of this word, having stumbled across the French word “crepuscule” (=”twilight”). I was also in a video store in Spain recently and noticed that the popular movie about young vampires was called “Crepusculo” there.

Is “crepuscular” cromulent?

Perfectly cromulent!

I wonder if such illuminating works of art are part of the curriculum for aspiring Saudi artists?

Free tuition for aspiring Saudi artists.[…]udi-artists/


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