Sarracenia purpurea


Photograph by Susan Bello.

Photography contest, Honorable Mention.


Sarracenia purpurea – pitcher plant blossom, Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia.


Pitcher plant? Oh the pour thing!

Funny, they could more accurately be described as catcher plants.

You’re a litte pun gent today, wheels.

In software terms, maybe these are systems for debugging the ecosystem.

Is it worth a thousand words?

Pedantry: What the photograph actually shows is the immature fruit and persistent sepals, after the petals and stamens have withered and fallen off. I wouldn’t call it a blossom any more than I’d call a green apple and apple blossom.

Here’s a shot I made years ago of the same structure (but possibly a definite Sarracenia species, I had multiple species) featuring a crab spider with a joyful abdomen:[…]ghspider.jpg

And, another day, (the same?) spider having lunch in the pitcher of a Sarracenia leukophilia:[…]flydeath.jpg

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