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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) selected evolutionary biologist Sean Carroll to serve as its vice president for science education. Carroll replaces Peter J. Bruns, who is retiring after serving nine years in that role at HHMI. Carroll is a researcher in evolutionary consequences of developmental processes, or “evo-devo”, and a noted science writer. HHMI is a significant supporter of science education, having invested over $1.6 billion dollars in science education programs over the years.

We congratulate both Carroll and HHMI, and hope this new collaboration does great things.


Dear Wesley,

It is a most inspired choice and, moreover, I can’t think of anyone more qualified than Sean Carroll. My congratulations to him for being chosen. Am sure he will be an excellent asset to HHMI.



In practice, what will this actually lead to? What projects can we look forward to?

I too send my sincere congratulations to Sean Carroll. This appointment is richly deserved. Carroll was one of the lecturers for the 2005 HHMI Holiday Lectures on the topic of evolution. The target audience was high school kids and he did an excellent job. He also participated in the religious lecture/discussion at the end of the series. Although most probably not a believer, he wanted to make sure the kids knew they didn’t have to choose between science OR faith.

Outstanding choice!

I offer congrats too. My only concern, I hope this will not compromise Carroll’s research which has been so productive.

Bobsie said:

I offer congrats too. My only concern, I hope this will not compromise Carroll’s research which has been so productive.

Not to worry. That’s only supposed to happen when he wins the Nobel Prize. :-)

If it’s who I think it is, I saw him at the perimeter institute. It was a good lecture. Been meaning to find his book.

This is a great choice. I have heard him speak a number of times at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, and I have read his books. He is an excellent communicator. My congratulations to Dr. Carroll.


HHMI funds activities of many other organizations for science education, so I doubt we will see a full list of things HHMI is doing.

Check out this page on the HHMI site, though.

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