Chrysopa sp.


Photograph by Adrian Thysse.

Photography contest, Honorable Mention.

Thysse.Green Lace wing(Chrysopa sp.).jpg

Chrysopa sp. – green lacewing.


I’ve tried to get shots of lacewings, they’re very pretty beasts – but it’s a pain, they’re small and made up of delicate detail. One of these days …

Just for the record, this photo is a holdover from last year’s contest. We will post honorable mentions from the 2010 contest beginning next week.

Off topic, but it might be amusing to some of you to see this insanity:

What is this, a lame joke?

Dale Husband said:

Off topic, but it might be amusing to some of you to see this insanity:

What is this, a lame joke?

If so, they have their parody infesting Amazon. Not that this isn’t unheard of.

On giving GALILEO WAS WRONG a check on, I couldn’t help wondering if it was a Loki troll. However, Robert Sungenis has a Wikipedia page (OK, that doesn’t rule out the con job angle) that describes him as not merely a geocentrist but also a borderline antisemite – which side of the border he’s on is arguable.

What got me puzzled was that “Sungenis” sounds like a modification of “Subgenius”, but all details I can find on a quick inspection suggest he is for (using the term loosely) real.

Bandwidth limit to the GALILEO WAS WRONG site has been overloaded. I suspect this one’s gone viral … I keep hoping that was the intent.

Lacewing flies are such voracious predators that the female lays each egg on a separate stalk. It helps to prevent the first-hatched young from eating the others.

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