Dolichovespula maculata


Dolichovespula maculatabald-faced hornet nest, Boulder Colorado. Nest courtesy of Rachel Shannon and a zillion hornets.


When I was a kid, squirrel hunting in the woods with a .22, we would shoot at these nests - from a great distance. Extra points if it fell off the branch…then you would run like crazy.

I varnished one once, after cleaning it out after a hard freeze. It fell apart after a few years, but it did give a few folks a start when they first walked into the room.

These exist around where I live. They tend to build them in shrubs near water a few feet off the ground.

Perfect for walking into if you aren’t paying attention.

The bald faced hornets tend to be bigger than the yellowjackets. Having been stung once, they also hurt more than a yellowjacket.

hmm…funny. in respone to paul, what we did back in 1992 when we were kids, we used to position on of us under the hornet nest and shoot it in hope to drop it on the chosen head. ha ha ha ha it was funny back then…

yes we did as a child, very funny.

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