Panthera leo krugeri


Photograph by Ed Neubaum.

Photography contest, Honorable Mention.

Neubaum_Lioness and cubs Game Perserve SA.jpg

Panthera leo krugeriwhite lion, Mokwalo White Lion Breeding Project (now closed), Hoedspruit, South Africa. The lion is considered vulnerable, or likely to become endangered.


White Lion Breeding Project


(now closed)


white lion, white lion.…

childhood memory leaking in; Kimba, Simba? something like that.

Ichthyic said:

childhood memory leaking in; Kimba, Simba? something like that.

KIMBA THE WHITE LION by Tezuka Osamu, the founder of modern manga and anime … better known for TETSUWAN ATOMU (THE MIGHTY ATOM / ATOM BOY), recently revived in a feature film.

Oh boyoboy … white lions. The mysterious species of the white lion. What they are, of course, is color variants like white rabbits.

I recall many years ago seeing a National Geographic TV special on the wonderful conservation work zoos were doing. They gave about 5 example segments, one of which was an Indian maharaja who had his own private zoo in which he had “preserved the rare white tiger”, by breeding them to each other. I was shouting at the screen in outrage, as he wasn’t preserving any species or any population, just breeding his own domesticated color variant of the tiger.

Now, of course, we know better, and National Geographic would not confuse breeding by a fancier with genuine conservation of gene pools … or would it?

Some white lions were shown on Jack Hanna’s TV show the other day. He was at a game reserve in Africa.

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