Sciurus carolinensis


Photograph by Tom Faller.

Photography contest, Honorable Mention.

Faller.Brevard White Squirrel.jpg

Sciurus carolinensisBrevard white squirrel, Brevard, North Carolina. Mr. Faller writes, “Not albino; descendants of a white squirrel pair, protected in Brevard, N. C. limits.”


Oooh; cool!

Looks like she has a brood somewhere.

I saw an albino around my neighborhood a number of years ago. It was definitely different from this; it had the pink eyes.

They’d need the protection, with coloring like that, outside a cage… But still, nice image of a working mother.

Protected in city limits? Does this mean the good people in Brevard kill the regular squirrels?

I’m kinda surprised the hawks haven’t eliminated these critters. I doubt they pay much attention to Brevard city ordinances. :)

This needs to be part of a caption contest.


Protected in city limits means that you can’t trap them, put them in cages and sell them to tourists in the Wal-Mart parking lot like they were puppies or something.

This was taken on the Brevard campus and the entertainment was watching the squirrels sit there quietly with a nut in their teeth and wait for freshmen to wander by, see the nut and timidly inch up along the ground and try to take the nut from the squirrel with their teeth. ;-)

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