ZooBorns are the Reason for the Season


Looking for any last minute gifts for the Feast of Prof. Steve Steve (Dec. 26th)? I highly recommend the two books put together this fall by ZooBorns. If you know anything about the ZooBorns website, you know that it is an overdose of cuteness. The books do not disappoint.

The book with the tiger on the cover is geared to children between the ages of 2–7. It is a large-format book, suitable for reading to young children. Although the text in the main body of the book is simple, the appendix has lots of information about the animals, including their conservation status.

The book with the fennec fox on the cover is for all ages and would make a good “stocking stuffer.” It covers more species and contains more pictures and information about the animals and zoos.


So if you like cute animals, zoos, and science, you can’t go wrong by picking up copies of both.


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I just got the fox one for my 7 yr old! Love it and I’m sure she will too.

The blinking eyes are really freaky!

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Are there still white squirrels on the University of Texas campus?

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