Charadrius vociferus

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Photograph by Paul Burnett.


Charadrius vociferus – killdeer, Alameda, California, 2008.

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Oh geez, I can hear the $#&%! shrill obnoxious peal of the kildeer in my ears just looking at that shot. When I was a kid, I’d take the dog for a walk, and those birds would just drive the poor mutt crazy, making noise to lead her off from their nests.

I like their song. Great shot, Paul! How’d you get so close?

Beautiful subject, beautiful shot!

fnxtr said: I like their song. Great shot, Paul! How’d you get so close?

Killdeer will do the “broken-wing” dance if you get close to their nest or babies. But once they realize their cover is blown, they’ll stand and defend. I could have almost reached out and touched her - she wasn’t retreating. Also, she was possibly somewhat socialized, as her “nest” was only about twenty feet away from a well-traveled sidewalk which doubles as a jogging path.

I love to know about wild life and especially about birds; I really like this one, nice shot.

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