Tenodera sinensis


Photograph by Burt Humburg.

Humburg_Tenodera aridifolia sinensis_600.jpg

Tenodera sinensis – Chinese (praying) mantis, Michigan, 2010. Identification courtesy of Eric Eaton, author of Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America.


But why is it standing on only four legs? ;)

This mantis raids Shaolin Monasteries and eats grasshoppers.

Henry J @1

But why is it standing on only four legs? ;)

Because it’s a mammapajamma Leviticus 11 believing ~PRAYING~ mantis!!!11

(style tm FL)


James 2:24


Once watch one of these park itself on a juniper bush that was part of a pond embankment planting. The spot was well chosen because it sat beside a flyway for an underground hornets nest. The mantis nimbly caught the little buggers, neatly snipped the head, nibbled its way down to the abdomen and washed it down with the remiaing bodily fluids.

Let us prey, said the mantis before dinner…

What a superb little predator it is.

Yeah, great predator, but not much into long term relationships!

(But I didn’t bring dinner, dear.)

(Oh yes you did!)

I’ve got those in my yard. They show up in late summer.

The ones around here are either all green or all straw colored. Not sure what determines the color.

They are good flyers when they want to be. Once saw one eating a hornet which made my day because of an allergy to their venom.

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Ed Cogburn

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