Grease your shutters!


Yes, we will run a photography contest again this year. And thanks to all who submitted suggestions for a theme. Many of those were clever, and many were very funny (deliberately, that is). Some of the better suggestions were unfortunately too narrow, since we want to exclude almost nothing in the natural world. Thus, the theme of the third Panda’s Thumb photography contest will be

Land, Sea, Sky

Entrants should specify one of these categories for each photograph submitted. We will allow a two-week period for submitting entries, beginning the third or fourth week in July, depending on various people’s schedules. The rules will be about the same as last year’s, possibly with minor modifications. These rules will be announced at the beginning of the submission period.


So, does this means that we submit entries in each of these categories (so, three in total), or can we have one picture grabbing all those categories, or any of the mixed melanges of the above?

Hmmm…stuff on/in land, on/in the sea and and in the sky. I guess I can live with that. This allows almost any topic in geology or astronomy or even meteorology. Will fresh water count as “sea”?

Will fresh water count as “sea”?

sea n. Abbr. s., S. 1.…d. A relatively large landlocked body of fresh water.

But I suppose that riparian habitats count as land. Generally, though, we would probably let the photographer decide.

Birds, insects or spiders could be used for all three of those categories!

Henry J

sea n. Abbr. s., S. 1.…d. A relatively large landlocked body of fresh water.

Landlocked and fresh? What about sections or branches of ocean that are called seas, like the Caribbean?

But what category would a photograph of a lunar Mare be placed under? Will there be a specialist in cladistics on the judging panel?

Greasy shutters? Ewwwww.

Janice in Toronto said:

Greasy shutters? Ewwwww.

I’ll take greasy shutters over squeaky shutters any day.

Grease your shutters? As a retired camera repairman, that advice makes me shudder. Getting grease from the focus ring off of sticky shutter blades and diaphragm leaves was a common repair.

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