Commenting Issues


I’ve fixed the commenting issues that have plagued us for the last day. Test away.


Tasting. Tasting.

Toasting. Toasting.

Trysting. Trysting.

At the moment, on the lengthier threads I have examined, all the comment pages except for the first and the last appear to have vanished.

Trolling, trolling.

Still buggy for me at the Wall. Let’s see about here.

And once more?

Seems to work OK here, though.

phhht said:

Seems to work OK here, though.


And test again.

All systems green here.

I just switched from normal cgi to fastcgi. Some of the paths are no longer valid and we need to rebuild them.

On the plus side, look at how fast the dynamic pages are now (e.g. the middle pages of the bathroom wall.)

For some reason, I can’t get my Wordpress login to go to the correct blog. I’ll just use the ‘5’ instead of the ‘V’.

Wow… it’s taking FOREVER to process and I got a Comment submission or preview failed: [object XMLDocument]


This is a test. This is only a test, If it had been a genuine comment, it would contain interesting content.

Seems to work for me. dpr

Anyone using Google Chrome - I had previously done some cache cleaning, but it wasn’t enough - I had to do a cache clean “from forever”.

If there is some poor soul out there who doesn’t know how to do this, click on the wrench, click “options”, click “under the hood”, and you’ll see it. If you have an older version it might be under “personal” instead of “under the hood”.

OK, this is the only site that is incorrectly displaying my blog from my user name.

Apparently, it’s not retrieving the information from wordpress, just placing my username with a

You CANNOT comment with Firefox! I find that very annoying. Dale Husband

Dale, what version of Firefox are you using. I just upgrade to 5.0 and can’t comment either.

ogremkv, what sites work with your wordpress tag?

Testes. 1,2.


asdf;lkj firefox

Firefox 4.0.1

So it’s not a complete firefox problem. My 5.0 just worked.

firefox 5.0

I’m pretty sure the commenting issue is not a problem with a browser. There appears to be a performance issue with our server configuration, causing it to refuse connections after a heavy load. I’ve changed the settings and hopefully things will work better.

The confirmation email was sent to my email account’s junk folder. ;oP Oh well…


Testing myself. Let’s see if it goes to the correct place now…

Well, I had no problem creating an account. And, Reed’s “moderation” seems to be working as well.

Just a test to see if I can sign in from my Facebook account.

Am I in? Gods, it was devilishly difficult! I almost gave up.

Perhaps there is a Google profile setting that would allow a sensible nickname instead of what I see?

circleh said:

You CANNOT comment with Firefox! I find that very annoying. Dale Husband

Works for me with Firefox.


Hmmmph! Well, I can comment here finally after re-registering a UN/PW but the Forum tab does not work so I can’t get to AtBC from here. I had to resort to IE8 to get this far. I couldn’t get a peep using Opera.

Testing Opera too

Opera 11.11 works for me on Windows. AtBC is on a different server and was likely affected by storms that went through Texas today. The new server, which hosts PT, is in a different location and more resistant to power outages.

Okay, that’s good. Thanks

Opera Turbo may have been the culprit. I found it set to Automatic and I was able to get through after I disabled it.

I’m using the latest firefox update running under Vista Home (I know, really, it sucks). No problem registering, or commenting. My first comment went to a moderation que (or so the pop-up said), and showed up eventually. Later posts went direct to the thread.

Well done Reed. This seems to have been very well done, and smooth).

Anyone know what’s up with AtBC?

Ogremk5: I thought it was just me. Apparently you can’t get there from here.

Umm… the “new” link doesn’t seem to be working.

I can’t tell if it is just reporting that all comments are new or it only redirects to the first page.

Just thought I’d let you know.

I cain’t comment because I wosn’t ablt to set up a user name and password.

Thanks, Dad!

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