Pollicipes polymerus


Photograph by Tim Sandefur.


Pollicipes polymerus – goose barnacle, La Jolla, California. Mr. Sandefur tells us that in the Middle Ages people thought geese hatched from them, and a type of goose is still called a barnacle goose.


Very cool. Surreal, even.

They’re much cooler when underwater, with their feathery cirri extended for feeding. See, for instance, the fifth picture at http://www2.ucsc.edu/seymourcenter/[…]lymerus.html or the third picture at http://www.divebums.com/week/2006/M[…]6/index.html - but most non-divers never see this - they just see them closed up tight.

I’ve seen these guys in Palos Verdes, too. I hear they’re edible.

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