Thalassarche melanophrys


Photograph by Marilyn Miller.


Thalassarche melanophrys – black-browed albatross, West Point Island, Falkland Islands.


Nice photography. The wings of the flying ‘tross look so honed.

Looks a lot like the Laysan albatross, or “Gooney bird” on Midway Island, Hawaii, and the Northern Pacific.

/me gags at the infestation of blog spammers we have seen of late.

I am tickled by his scientific name, “thalassarche”. Seamaster indeed.

Okay … So where’s the black brow?

Oh! They mean _eyebrow_, not forehead brow.

Lurker111 said:

Okay … So where’s the black brow?

Oh! They mean _eyebrow_, not forehead brow.

Yeah, “ophrys” means eyebrow: if it was “brow/brow,” I think it would be “metopon,” like Bolpometopon (the humphead parrotfish)

i’m trying to post of the PT forum, after the bar closes, it says I don’t have permission and I just registered. why?

never mind, I got it

Thanks. Speaking of brows, this reminds me of a Carol Burnett/Harvey Corman skit on the old Carol Burnett show. Carol and Harvey are sitting at a table (they’ve been thrown together for a “date”). Makeup has given Carol buck teeth and a unibrow. Harvey stutters, “H-Have you always had one eyebrow?” Carol replies, “Oh no! I plucked the other one out!”

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