Intentionally Hyperbolic Faculty Stereotypes


Over at Science, Food, Etc. Mohamed offers an intentionally hyperbolic list of faculty stereotypes. He is looking for stereotypes that are missing from his list. So lets help him out. Here are some of his examples.

HALL-TALKER: Prof you never see actually doing work, but seems to be always standing in the hall (or worse, in your office) talking. Seems to even roam the halls trying to find the next person with whom to talk.

ABSENTEE: Prof who is either traveling or works from home so much that most of their colleagues forget that they even work there. Their students may have forgotten them, too. Everyone looks startled when they walk into their laboratory or into a faculty meeting– “Who is that?” someone asks.

Go have fun and read the rest.


At my father’s university there was a joke about the senior Religious Studies professor:

“What is the difference between ###### and God?”

“God is everywhere, ###### is everywhere except here.”

In his defence, he did have a visiting professorship in America.


In the software business there’s a saying: “What’s the difference between a God and a programmer?”

“God does not think he’s a programmer.” Applies to certain profs as well, I should think.

Visiting Full Professor - seen in office or on campus only during class times and occasionally during office hours. Signs up for and claims credit for committees and professional meetings never attended. Knows more than you do about your subject area in those infrequent encounters when encountered at social gatherings with free wine. Numerous unpaid parking tickets because usually has to park in loading dock area because is late for class. Chancellor/President/Dean discreetly asks other faculty at socially gatherings with free food “Who was that?” when the VFP inadvertently miss times second/third visit to buffet table and has to say something to the administrator filling their plate for the first time.…

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