Photograph by Wayne Robinson.


Rainbow, off Lion Rock, Gal�pagos Islands, June, 2009.


And to think, that’s only possible because Yahweh murdered all those grannies, babies, little girls, mommas, and loving daddies a few thousand years ago!

Don’t forget the dinosaurs.

And damn near every other living thing, just because some PEOPLE pissed him off. One has to wonder whether he was unable to discriminate, or just didn’t care if he indiscriminately slaughtered the innocent with the guilty—humans and other species. That and a number of other tales make the OT god inept, limited, monstrous, or some combination thereof.

What it makes him, Just Bob, is imaginary.

fnxtr said:

What it makes him, Just Bob, is imaginary.

Thank God.… oh.

fnxtr said:

What it makes him, Just Bob, is imaginary.

The square root of a negative?

I got a similar, if somewhat greener picture here https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/pho[…]t=directlink

The “lensing” effect is even more striking

The brightness inside the primary bow is not exactly due to a lensing effect, but occurs because the rainbow is a caustic – see here. In a similar way, the sky outside the secondary bow is bright, with a darker region between the 2 bows, but you cannot always see these effects.

Also, I forgot to give a link; this article describes the formation of the rainbow. I will correct the original text right away.

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