Colorado front range


Photograph by Gaythia Weis.


Colorado front range – looking west … The photograph shows Long’s Peak, as seen from Pella Crossing Ponds, Hygiene, Colorado.


… and looking east, showing the infamous brown cloud. Photograph taken on Colorado Route 93, between Boulder and Golden, near Rocky Flats.


Why would you call your town Hygiene, even if you are surrounded by TB…

As corbsj seems to know, Hygiene really is named that due to it’s past as a TB sanitarium center, called The Hygienic House. this was big business in Colorado at one time.

Actually, my great-uncle came to Colorado for “the cure” of the disease then called consumption, and spent a winter in a small cabin way up in the mountains. This may have been a little bit effective at improving breathing, because, back home in Maine, he was employed in the granite quarries. A modern x-ray just might have shown silicosis. Fresh air, low humidity and sunshine just might have led to an improvement in symptoms as compared to over polluted eastern cities or such work.

Today’s brown cloud might be a contra-indicator however.

I should point out that while a very tiny portion of the cloud shown may be due to my own activities, I did not take that photo. Credit Matt.

About a year ago, I flew from California to St. Louis MO, flying over Denver and the Front Range at 35,000 feet. The mountains were visibly yellow with the aspens’ fall leaves - I daresay they would look yellow from orbit.

My Sterling area farmer uncle would often complain about the brown cloud drifting up the South Platte River valley from Denver … just before firing up one of his old farm tractors that belched huge blue clouds of exhaust into the sky.

Beautiful photograph of the Colorado Front Range, gaythia!

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