Freshwater: RNCSE article published online


For the addicts, my article on the Freshwater affair was published online today in Reports of the National Center for Science Education. Table of Contents of the issue, and PDF of the article.


Wonderful article Richard. I think you manged to condense that whole mess about as neatly as could have been done. I suspect it is more of an accomplishment then we realize; having been so immersed in the case could have easily led you to a catalog of the trees rather then the forest.


Addicts don’t need an article, they need a support group! ;)

Anyone who has followed Richard’s extensive accounts of the Freshwater Affair here at PT knows how much he had to condense the story to get it into the space of this article. He did great. One of the main purposes for articles like this is to serve as a summary so that in future struggles, participants can look back and see what lessons and precedents there are from this case. This will be invaluable and, sadly, necessary.

That’s a sad story, really.

And another example of “it’s not the offence, it’s the cover-up”.

Dishonesty is poor policy at best, and Lying For Jesus (or at least Misrepresenting For Jesus) is massively counter-productive anyway.

But the bit about the laptops made me lol all the same.

Thanks for telling it all.

I tried to leave a “Thanks, Richard” but it vaporized into the cyber. Good write-up.

Richard that’s a great retrospective and summary.

I want to reiterate something I’ve mentioned about a dozen times, but more formally:

Assume there are enough creation science/ID-oriented teachers out there that some of them are willing to sacrifice their jobs (and only probably that)

Assume they use every loophole to avoid being fired.

Assume each case costs an average of, say, 3/4 of a million dollars (more for the earlier cases, less for the later ones).

Assume they do that all over the US and especially in poor and heavily religious school districts.

Doesn’t that add up to zero leverage?

If it’s impractical fo fire someone over this, then isn’t it a game of chicken?

What could Dover have done with the money wasted there?

What could Mt. Vernon have done with the moneyh wasted there?

I think in the case of Mt. Vernon they have insurance, so mostly their insurance will go up?

My plan would be, lots at once, never directly disobey orders, express confusion, etc. A lot of the stuff Freshwater is doing. You could be sophisticated about it - try a few things and if you get clear guidelines right away or a warning you back off.

I think the fiscal approach makes way more sense than the legal one - and it’s win-win because right-wingers don’t care about union rules or tenure or worker protection anyway. If this also weakens standards so you can get atheist teachers fired more easily, they’d love that.

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