Homo nivis


Photograph by Rachel Shannon.


Homo nivis – snowman. According to Wikipedia, snowmen “are customarily built by children.” The ages of the two specimens of H. sapiens have not been determined.


I love it!

Spongebob Snowpants!

The H sapiens specimens are obviously of different ages, but they have identical radiocarbon dates. Therefore, the dating technique must be completely broken. :)

Ummm. Someone forget to tell these two, “don’t play with the yellow snow”!

Vaughn said:

Ummm. Someone forget to tell these two, “don’t play with the yellow snow”!

The yellow colour would appear to have been applied after the construction of the snow-cartoon character. It might be politic not to inquire as to how the colouring was applied.

Following on from my earlier comment (and noting the date), if the H sap specimens form part of a family group, it would be reasonable to assume that the adult male has already demonstrated proficiency in dating techniques.

Patrick does a half-asdf job of shoveling the walk…

You should call it a ‘Porifera* Nivis’ instead.

*Chosen because no sponge genus seemed apropos.

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