Poecile atricapillus


Poecile atricapillus – black-capped chickadee, Walden Ponds, Boulder, Colorado.


Show us your Tits!

I expected a Booby joke by now, maybe a pun cascade. :(

If you want to milk this for puns, then start one! ;)

When we see this beautiful bird, The atheist Richard Dawkins thinks that “unguided natural processes can account for the origin of biological information - no external source of information is necessary.” On the Contrary, Intelligent Design philosopher William Dembski thinks that “a non-deterministic law of conservation of information in the sense that, although natural processes involving only chance and necessity can effectively transmit complex specified information, they cannot generate it.” which one is more resonable?

Please continue to ignore the Jay troll, who apparently has some fascination with bird photographs.

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