The coastline of Kentucky


Williamstown, Kentucky, a city that is apparently near the fantasied location of the Ark Park (or is that the location of the fantasied Ark Park?) Is apparently letting that fantasy go to its corporate head, according to this article. The funniest line in the article? I am glad you asked:

The plans are based on the needs of the city and not the needs of the Ark Encounter, said [spokesman for the Kentucky League of Cities Tad] Long.

Inspired (I think) by that article, reader Dan Phelps sent us the following proposal to develop a coastline to spur economic development in Kentucky.



But what about the coasts of Bohemia?

First laugh I had today. Thanks.

Gary_Hurd said:

First laugh I had today. Thanks.

I worked as a volunteer at the weekly Humane Society Bingo game tonight. I had lots of laughs! :)

This could be the subject of a hilarious “Doctor Who” episode involving Daleks, Answers in Genitals, Institute for Cretin Research and the Dishonesty Institute. When I saw this earlier this afternoon, I had to force myself not to burst out in hysterical laughter (Since I was at an Apple Store near Lincoln Center.).

Helena Constantine said:

But what about the coasts of Bohemia?

Hungary was once ruled by an Admiral …

Joe Felsenstein said:

Helena Constantine said:

But what about the coasts of Bohemia?

Hungary was once ruled by an Admiral …

Many people think that Kentucky is ruled by a Colonel with a secret weapon recipe.

KFC - Kentuckians for fried avian dinosaurs.

Are you sure those initials shouldn’t all be “K”?

I’ve already heard that the following groups have formally voiced opposition to KCC’s plans:

Alabamans for Saving Shorelines and Economic Security (ASSES)

Floridians Lobbying for Old Gulf Strandlines (FLOGS)

Louisiana Youth Organization for Replacement of Eroding Sands (LYORES)

Louisianans for Preventing Longshore Currents (LPLC))

Mississippians for Owning the Shores of the Holocene (MOSH)

Texans for Eliminating Marine Transgression (TEMT)


Are you sure those initials shouldn’t all be “K”?

To some extent against my better judgment, I’ll let that stand. But please let’s keep the comments funny (or serious) but not nasty.

And why do you assume that Cretacious Mexicans or Canadians wouldn’t welcome with open arms overtures from Kentuckians way back then? Besides the obvious of course:)

KCC advocates are using multiple tactics in supporting their agenda, but none are as feared as this (click here)!!

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