Castor canadensis


Castor canadensis – American beaver. Sorry, the beavers are asleep now, but they deforested this area to build a lodge. Walden Ponds, Boulder, Colorado.


Leave it to beavers to deforest an entire area.

Yup; them thar beavers can chuck more wood than a woodchuck can.

Did they have a permit to do that? :p

My late aunt and uncle had a cabin on a lake in New Jersey. The lake was surrounded by pines and birches. They were excited when beavers showed up in the lake after an absence of almost a century. They were less than happy when the beavers went around the lake systematically eliminating all the birches.

Castorgenic global warming.

It was always the fault of the beavers’ deforestation, in fact.…

Glen Davidson

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