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As most here know, ScienceBlogs has moved to National Geographic (well, not literally moved, but is now somehow affiliated with NatGeo), and also just migrated to WordPress. That has caused some problems. One problem I found today was that Google Reader no longer recognizes new posts on Jason Rosenhouse’s EvolutionBlog. I had to resubscribe in the reader to get the new posts.

The problem appears to be general across ScienceBlogs–it’s the same in Aardvarchaeology and Greg Laden’s Blog.

Commenting is still screwed up over there, too, and they are aware of it. But to get new ScienceBlogs posts it looks like you’ll have to resubscribe in Google Reader.


Jason Rosenhouse - if you’re reading this, I’ve tried a couple times to submit comments to your post-migration site, with no luck.

I mention this rather than waiting patiently because some posts by other folks DO seem to be getting through. I didn’t want you thinking that the problem is fixed and traffic was just low.

Still down, I see. Poor Jason.

Migrating to WordPress isn’t that difficult… if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

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