Troy Britain joins the Thumb crew


Troy Britain has joined the Panda’s Thumb crew. Troy is a long-time veteran of the creationism wars. He blogs at Playing Chess with Pigeons. He is a TalkOrigins Archive volunteer, was a co-founder of the McLean v. Arkansas Documentation Project, and is a member of both NCSE and the Skeptics Society.

Welcome, Troy! We look forward to your posts.


Welcome from a YEC creationist. The creationism wars are still waring on everywhere I look. I guess it is producing veterans . Its also producing casualties.! It seems to me creationism is gaining ground and high ground . I’m confident in our time one side or the other will lose its moral and intellectual strength. Once very contrasting ideas, using the same data, come to close investigation it could only be the wrong side will lose ground as its evidence must be shown as weak or wrong. I’m confident this is coming very soon . the old ideas on origins must make way to new ideas.

Please don’t let this thread derail into a bunch of rants about Byers. That’s his one allowed comment for this thread.


I think it is an excellent policy to allow Byers to comment. Like the addition of Troy Britain’s fine mind to the PT crew, that policy demonstrates plainly the differences between minds that accept science and those that accept separate creation. But once, I agree, is enough.

Welcome, Troy! I’ve found many of your posts insanely educational. Now I feel guilty for not reading your blog more regularly.

Welcome Troy, from a former YEC.

Interesting about your participation in the McLean v. Arkansas Documentation Project. Even though this trial happened before I was born, McLean in many ways seems just as significant as the 2005 Kitzmiller vs Dover School Board trial (and not only because McLean was such a disastrous rout for the YEC side).

Welcome to Mr. Britain. The forces of reason could use reinforcements, certainly.

Welcome, Troy. I’ve enjoyed your work at Playing Chess w/ Pigeons.

This is extremely good news.

Congratulations, Troy!

Hi Troy,

Good to see you here!

Hope you brought your pickaxe and dynamite.

Welcome Troy! I look forward to seeing around PT.

Good luck. PT can use your writing.

Thanks everyone! Hopefully I can live up to expectations.

Welcome! Looking forward to your future posts here.

Welcome Troy! I am sure your posts will be most insightful. Am looking forward to reading them.

“Thumb crew”? My paranomasiac mind wants to insert an ‘S’ in a strategic location… Like, welcome to the Thumb, Mr. T!

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