Anas platyrhynchos


Anas platyrhynchos – mallard ducks at lunch, Goose Creek, Boulder, Colorado. The male is on the left.


But where are their heads? Are they mooning us, or what? :)

Henry J.…check out the name again…that explains the appearance..:)

Cheers :)

This picture is a puzzle that highlights a contradictory set of conditions.

It’s a pair o’ ducks.


That should be “Two ducks a-dabbling”.

Does the Latin translate as “flat-nosed duck”? If there is a duck-billed platypus, can we have a platypus-billed duck?

“What’s the use of half a duck”?

Kevin B said: “What’s the use of half a duck”?

You can get duck decoys from the huntin’-and-shootin’ catalogs that look like that - ducks flying over, looking for a safe place to land, think (in duck language) “Must be safe - they’re feeding.”

Ray Comfort would say that hidden below the waters surface, these birds have crocodilian heads, hence his well known and hilariously nonsensical “crocoduck” argument.:)

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