Scientific discovery


Photograph by Roger Lambert

Photography contest, Honorable Mention.

Lambert. A child discovers science at Museum of Natural History 600 pixels.jpg

A child discovers science at the American Museum of Natural History.


The AMNH is just about my favorite place on the planet!

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I don’t get it; what is the picture supposed to be?

It’s a child enjoying an interactive display at the museum. A ‘wall’ of moving water vapor served as a projection screen as word forms were displayed. It reminded me of Plato’s cave and the process of discovery.

One could comment that play is an important part of scientific discovery. Yes the child is playing. However, the child is playing in a virtual world. I am not sure what the child is supposed to be learning in this virtual world, or how this will impact the child’s future life. This is an ongoing problem with the design of educational games. We will never know what the kids think they are doing or learning compared with the designer of the game intends. Interactive art, yes. Science maybe.

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