Xanthorrhoea australis


Photograph by Paul Blake.

Photography contest, Honorable Mention.


Xanthorrhoea australis – grass tree, Mount Michel (looking toward Mount Cordeaux), Great Dividing Range, southwest of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Well, we treed the grass and the giant cattails.

What exactly are we supposed to do now?

Glen Davidson

time to bring them down, skin them and gut them to cart home for BBQ?

But is it grass, or is it tree? :D

Henry J said:

But is it grass, or is it tree? :D

It seems its both. Its both grass and tree. Its so nice. I like the virgin nature of Australia.

Henry J said:

But is it grass, or is it tree? :D

By Jehovah, they’ve done it! Those Evolutionists finally found The Missing Link!

Welp, time to pack it in. I guess Christianity is wrong now. Time to abandon civilization, live like an animal, and kill indiscriminately. Now that we’ve found The Missing Link between grass and tree, all morality is nullified. Funny, I was told it would be a crocoduck what did us in.


Lowry Trees, named after the artist L. S. Lowry as they resemble matchsticks as was his style in painting matchstick people and the grass resembles paint brushes.

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