The platypus is not a hybrid. But, these are still fun.


Speaking of hybrids, I was reminded that after my post about the platypus (check it out here), I received a lot of funny depictions of the platypus as a hybrid. Before I share, however, let’s get one thing straight:

The platypus is not a hybrid.
The platypus is not a hybrid.
The platypus is not a hybrid.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s have some fun. Every time you see one, you can be the one to explain that the platypus belongs to a unique lineage of mammals that, while awesome, is not a beaver-duck hybrid (or maybe that’s just what I’ll do). Please share more in the comments.

From Tracy Heath, via the blog “Something that I like”:

Venn diagrams were never so awesome.

From Clement Chow via

Via cheezeburger. com

From a comment, via


From Clement Chow, artwork by styrofoamdiablo:

“Beaver+Duck-Eggo: Platypus” by styrofoamdiablo

From Clement Chow, from shirtwoot:

“Mystery of the Platypus Solved” from shirtwoot

From Jacob A. Tennessen (at OSU), the Platypus Trophy, which is awarded to either the Oregon Ducks, or the Oregon State Beavers, after their annual football game.

Platypus Trophy


I suspect it was a Nazi experiment to flood the Soviet Union by inundating them with flying beavers. Instead of duckwings, they grew duckbills, and couldn’t even chew down trees any more.

Are they really a hybrid, though? Just thought I’d ask…

The non-quack vocalization of the platypus (goes on to other videos, though, but next one is a nice pic of swimming platypus)

Glen Davidson

Hybrid? Just try to get down with one of those guys!

are there pictures of the pig-ape hybrid? For some evolutionists it would just be pictures of people!! Just a joke. I understand most evolutionists have come out against the pig/ape equals people idea. Whew.

This YEC said before its really a classification error. The platypus is not a unique mammal lineage as there is no mammal division in the world. Just groups of traits that old school thinkers grouped together because of a lack of imagination. The platypus actually shows a true equation in nature. traits follow need. no big deal to lay eggs for anything. Its not defining trait for relationship or descent. Its just a hunch from the past. In fact the platypus is only further on the spectrum along with the marsupial differences. yet marsupials are just the same types as the placentals. Just a few adaptations needed at the time. tHis explains the likeness of looks and not the unlikely claim of convergent evolution. Too easily invoked and not needed.

let’s get one thing strait:

Be careful, Matt Young might decide you’re a crank for that malapropism.

… Matt Young might decide you’re a crank for that malapropism.

I do not want to appear pedantic, but that is not a malapropism; it is a mere spelling error. A malapropism has to use the wrong word, not a homonym – “the Streets of Gibraltar” is a malapropism unless, of course, you mean the streets of Gibraltar.

At any rate, I do not recall suggesting that only cranks make spelling or punctuation errors. If only that were so!

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