Sterna antillarum browni


Photograph by Marschal Fazio.

Photography contest, Honorable Mention.


Sterna antillarum browni – California least tern. Mr. Fazio writes, “This species is listed as endangered under the Federal Endangered Species Act. It nests along the California coast on sandy shorelines; as humans have encroached, the tern has lost much of its nesting habitat and now nests in overcrowded sites or mudflats, making them more prone to predation.”



Especially that front part.

Glen Davidson

Let’s hope its numbers don’t take a tern for the worse.

Browni???? Is that part of the “No Tern left unstoned” joke?

Let us tern this discussion around…

I am sorry, but you made me do it:

To tell the Turnip from the Tern,

A thing which everyone should learn,

Observe the Tern up in the air,

See how he turns,–and now compare

Him with this inert vegetable,

Who thus to turn is quite unable,

For he is rooted to the spot,

While as we see the Tern is not:

He is not always doomed to be

Thus bound to earth e-_tern_-ally,

For “Cooked to a turn” may be inferred,

To change the Turnip to the Bird.

Observe the Turnip in the pot.

The Tern is glad that he is not!

– Robert Wood, How to tell the Birds from the Flowers and other Wood-cuts. Wood was an expert on optics; I have used his 1911 Physical Optics book many times, into the ‘90’s.

One good tern deserves another.

That’s why they pair…

Glen Davidson

This has taken a tern for the worse.

And thanks to evolution, someday the worm could tern!

Let us all tern over a new leaf!

After all, tern about is fowl play. Er, I mean, fair.

KlausH said:

Browni???? Is that part of the “No Tern left unstoned” joke?

Hard to deternine

Terns, it is true, have little meat on them, but you can still make a very tasty dish of a tern. Do you not recall the recipe:

“For every thin tern, tern, tern, there is a seasoning…”

“For every thin tern, tern, tern, there is a seasoning, tern, tern, tern, and some thyme for every porpoise or other leaven.”

All of this reminds me of that Carol Burnett skit: “As the Stomach terns… “

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