Panthea sp.


Panthea sp. – owlet moth, Boulder, Colorado, 2014. Acknowledgment. Thanks to Don Frack for the identification.


Oh my God! It’s so beautiful! So Jesus! [/channeling FL]

Fyn Kynd at BugGuide says it is Phigalia titea. So I Googled that species and found this. Looks suspiciously correct – does anyone else want to weigh in? (Readers with long memories may recall that neither my brother-in-law nor I can tell a Swainson’s hawk from a red-tailed hawk.)

Those with large sweaters better watch out…

Matt which camera, lens and photoshop did you use?

Matt which camera, lens and photoshop did you use?

I used a Canon G11 with its only lens, and I did not use Photoshop (capital P, please), but rather an obsolete Microsoft program called Picture-It. Why do you ask?

I was just interested, I liked the quality of detail. The P(p)hotoshop part was an ill-conceived attempt at humour.

Sorry for the ill-conceived attempt at Photoshop humour. I was just curious.

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