Uncommon Descent tries to stay on topic

One can always count on the ID/creationist website Uncommon Descent for oddities. Yesterday they noticed a post here: Timothy Sandefur's discussion of the legal issues raised by the rightward move of the U.S. Supreme Court, and the legal theories the court majority used to address separation of church and state. And how the court might now rule on a case like the Dover School Board case. (Tim's post is of course, found here).

The UD post (here) is signed by their official reporter "News", who seems these days to be physicist Eric Hedin. They first quote a paragraph from Sandefur's post about the flaws in the legal theory of "originalism" used by the Supreme Court majority. Then they close in for the kill, saying:

For some, tormenting themselves with this stuff probably seems to make more sense than confronting the fact that Darwinism (which is generally what they mean by “evolution”) isn’t as widely believed as it used to be within biology. Never mind what a judge thinks should be taught to kids in school.

They follow this with a paragraph from the Discovery Institute site Mind Matters touting a science commentary article from The Guardian which advocates the renaming of the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis because it has been incorporating too many new phenonmena.

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