My Favorite Quotes from an ID Advocate

Now that the Raelien UFO cult has come out firmly in support of intelligent design, perhaps it’s time for the Discovery Institute (DI) to finally bite the bullet and come clean about how they really feel regarding the “Marvin the Martian as Creator” hypothesis. However, as former DI Director of Media and Public Relations Mark Edwards told the Sacramento Bee on June 22, 2003, ID advocates are willing to posit even wilder, and frankly more ridiculous, claims:

"[A] person could logically argue that some sort of human has been able to design features of life working through time travel," he said. "And some people say aliens are the designer."

So in addition to getting cozy with the Raeliens, here we have a spokesman for the DI claiming the designer might be some sort of super-intelligent, time-traveling human.

What would Phillip Johnson say about this? I think he’d probably say something like, “The tent may be big, but it’s not THAT big!”