Our First Links

The Panda’s Thumb is already getting some notice around the blogosphere. Our first few links:

Kieran Healy of Crooked Timber recommends us as a follow up to a brief review of the Brian Leiter/Lawrence VanDyke controversy.

Brian Leiter has also given us a plug, along with his usual plainspoken bluntness.

And Tim Sandefur of the Freespace blog gives us a push, while taking us to task, as a self-declared “hardcore Dawkins fan”, for choosing a Gouldian title. I know that Tim is also a major Daniel Dennett fan as well, but I didn’t tell him that one of the possible names I was bandying about for this blog was “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea Logs”.

Thanks for the links, folks.

Update: Thanks also to Skeptical Notion for their mention of The Panda’s Thumb.

And add Catallaxy to the list.