Creationists Explain Things: Logic and Sweet Reason

Please note that these are all direct quotes from creationists taken from the many public domain creation/evolution debates. I have collected these for years, and many of the debate sites no longer exist. Even so, I wager that I could replace them today without too much trouble. I have arranged them some, but I have not altered original spelling or grammar. GH

Logic and Sweet Reason

“There is proof in math and logic… ok. I’ll give you proof. You go first. “

“You need proof?

For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is. — Exodus 20:11

That’s all the proof I need.”

“Genesis, on the other hand, is stated as plain fact. There is nothing whatsoever to imply that it should be taken in any way other than the plain, straightforward meaning of the text, therefore we do not have license to take it any other way. It’s as simple as that. It takes more faith to beleive in evolution than it does to beleive in God.”

“The problem is that there is only one valid way to read Genesis; if you do not accept this reading, you cannot legitimately claim to believe the Bible. “

“That is the only use evolutionary theory has: trying to “prove” the Bible to be wrong, and that’s why it is such a deadly enemy. Trying to make a scientific proposition out of a statement of creation, as you call it, is an act of self-defense against those scientists who are trying to destroy the idea of creation, and with it the entire foundation of the Bible.”

“Evolution only produces Nazism and atheism and communism and genocide. Shows how effective brain-washing can be. Do you realize how many “isms” exist because of their belief in evolution? Nazism and Communism, for starters, and of course Humanism and Atheism; Humanism being the religion du jour in our ‘Government’ Schools. “

“If the Bible says one thing and scholarship says another, scholarship can go to Hell. For myself I choose not to believe in evolution because it is NOT FOUND IN GOD’S WORD.”

“No amount of evidence can be provided to change people’s minds here, so a strictly secular debate is meaningless. “

“I shake the dust off my sandals. The Lord rebuke thee.

This discussion serves no further purpose. The evidence is there if you open your eyes to see it, but you’ve been blinded by the forces of the devil. Are you willing to stake your eternity on what some scientist wrote in a book and speculated on?

I would rather keep my faith in God and Jesus. In the end, who will lose if I’m wrong? Who will lose if I’m right? Either way, I won’t remember any suffering. I’ll laugh when you all burn in Hell “