Here's the Real Proof that Evolution is Wrong???

A creationist has graced our little blog with a long rant on how evolution is wrong. The comment is mostly plagairized material. (Why are cut-and-pastes so popular with creationists? Can they not take the time to do their own work or critically evaluate the work of others?) The "arguments" and "facts" were the same ole, repetitive creationist shtick that we've seen so often before. In fact claims like these are so popular that Mark Issak has worked up an entire index of creationist claims for the talkorigins archive. It is a very useful resource, and I use it to respond to our friend's "points." Not only does it demonstrate that the comment is completley error ridden, but also that it isn't all that original.


Been there; done that; got the t-shirt; gone back dozens of times; bought a lifetime pass; got married there; had children there; plan to be buried there.

The following list contains links to sections of Issak's index, which respond to statements made in the comment.

  1. CB030: Decay of prebiotic molecules
  2. CB010: Probability of abiogenesis
  3. CB010.2: Origin of the first cells
  4. CB621: Mitochondrial Eve
  5. CC102: Sandal footprint found with trilobites
  6. CC331: Polystrate fossils and deposition
  7. CD102.1: Lewis Overthrust
  8. CC335: Vertical whale fossil
  9. CC052: Laetoli footprints
  10. CC101: Paluxy river footprints
  11. CC110: Moab Man
  12. CF101: Origin of the Universe
  13. CF001.2: Thermodynamics universal
  14. CB040: Left-handed amino acids
  15. CB101: Most mutations harmful?
  16. CB010.1: Complex "simple" life
  17. CB015: DNA or protein: which came first?
  18. CB940: Complex structures by chance
  19. CB200: Irreducible complexity
  20. CF010: Cybernetic simulations show no order from Darwinism
  21. CF003: Information assembling itself
  22. CB030.1: UV effect on early molecules
  23. CF002.1: Tornadoes in a junkyard
  24. CB141: Differing chromosome numbers
  25. CB100: Rare mutations
  26. CB901.1: Variation within kinds
  27. CB200.2: Blood clotting and irreducibly complexity
  28. CB300: Evolution of complex organs
  29. CC352: Archaeoraptor was a fake
  30. CC130: Petrified hammer?
  31. CB701: Haeckel's embryo pictures
  32. CC216.2: Horse fossil record
  33. CC001: Piltdown man
  34. CB930.1: Coelacanth, a living fossil

Thanks for your time, and explore the REAL truth behind the incorrect philosophical myth of evolution. Take care and God bless you!

Irony, thou art a popular muse.