The lengths creationists will go to...

Speaking of bathroom walls...check out this long thread on Creationist genetics. It's an enlightening peek into the mind of a creationist. I had originally commented on the curious tale of Jacob and Laban in the book of Genesis, in which Jacob is able to modify the coat color of sheep and goats by having them mate in front of appropriately colored sticks. I pointed out that this is nonsense—genetics doesn't work that way.

We then got many overwrought comments from a creationist, Susan Williams, defending the Bible. Confronted with a story that contradicts plain, simple, observable biology, she resorts to the Rush Limbaugh defense: it's just a joke, you aren't supposed to take it literally.

That's fine with me. I wonder, though, why creationists insist on defending as literally true other tales from the Bible that contradict the scientific evidence? As long as they are willing to give God a sense of humor and a willingness to illustrate his lessons with allegory and jokes, why not carry that to it's logical conclusion and recognize that the Bible is not a scientific document?