An Exchange on Another Blog

It was requested that I provide a pointer here on PT to a discussion I've been having on my blog, Dispatches from the Culture Wars. The subject of that discussion was a critique I wrote of an article by Robert Meyer entitled Were We Fooled by Stephen J. Gould?, on a site called My original critique can be found here, and the continuing discussion from emails can be found here. Mr. Meyer's article was one of the worst examples of either ignorance or rank dishonesty from creationists that I have ever encountered. He claims, for example, that Gould was "honest enough to admit" that evolution was in "grave crisis", that he denied the existence of transitional forms, and that Punctuated Equilibrium was the same thing as Goldschmidt's hopeful monster idea. All three of those statements are so blatantly false that either Meyer is utterly ignorant of the subject upon which he is pontificating, or he is flat out lying. Anyway, check out the discussion and jump in if you feel like it.