SDB Calgary

Oh, boy. Next week is time for the...

Society for Developmental Biology 63rd Annual Meeting
University of Calgary, Canada
July 24 - 28, 2004

It's going to be glorious—check out the program. Expect me to come back inspired and all charged up about SCIENCE!

  • I'll be leaving next Thursday with my son as batman/factotum/chauffeur, so Pharyngula might be a bit quiet for a while. Maybe. Depends on whether they have the internet up there in Canada. (OK, they probably do. It's going to depend more on how much time I have.)
  • Are there any Calgarians or DB geeks out there who want to get together some evening and babble or drink that potent Canadian beer? Let me know.
  • I'd also be willing to temporarily loan one or a few people the keys to the Pharyngula soapbox. If you're interested in being a guest weblogger, drop me a line. (Creationists, right-wingers, and evangelical fundamentalists need not apply.)

I'll be taking lots of notes. Expect them to appear online sometime during or after the meeting.