Dembski Reviewed

The Presbyterian Church of New Zealand recently reviewed one of Dembski’s latest books, The Design Revolution. The reviewer, Alistair McBride, is a former science teacher and current minister. He has this to say about the book.

For me the book is characterised by a great deal of polemic and special pleading which makes it difficult to tread a path through the argumentation.

His real target is something he calls Darwinism. As I read the chapter “The Only Game in Town” I found he tries to narrow the debate down to a particular understanding of what Darwin wrote. . . .

. . . From my reading, the branch of evolutionary biology has come to see that “natural selection” plays only a part in the overall scheme of the theory of evolution and to argue solely against a narrowly defined Darwinist position obfuscates the issues being discussed in the wider scientific community.

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Thanks to Glenn Branch for the heads up.