Creationism's Trojan Horse: Barry Lynn's interview with Barbara Forrest

Barry Lynn interviewed Barbara Forrest on May 10, 2004. This is how Barry Lynn introduces the issues:

Not a single scientific article has been published in any recognized scientific scientific journal supporting the idea of “creation science” or its newest variant “intelligent design”. How’s that for a culture shock? Nevertheless, in spite of that absence of scientific information a prototype college class has actually been created to teach so called intelligent design and dismiss evolution. A seminar on the topic of intelligent design has actually been taught to members of Congress here in Washington and to their staff. And new religious groups are springing up all over the country spending milllions of dollars a year to promote pseudo-science or religion and diss the idea of evolution. We have got a problem and it’s called the ignorance of future generations. Our guest today has written a truely very very useful book for people who have a serious interest in looking at science, looking at issues of religion and where the two maybe shouldn’t be meeting. The book is called “creationism’s trojan horse”. It is written by my guest Barbara Forrest

Listen to the full interview here