Funny, Funny, . . .

Here are a couple of interesting things from CSE and AIG.

Dr. Dino blasts Sarfati as a compromiser.

Dr. Sarfati’s book Refuting Compromise is awesome about the obvious compromise of Hugh Ross but he does not realize his own compromise in this area. It is my prayer that they will study the subject more thoroughly and repent of this grievous error. Their position clearly raises doubts about God’s Word, which is precisely what Satan did in the Garden of Eden when he said, “Yeah hath God said?” Our position at CSE is that God has preserved His Word for the English-speaking people in the King James Version.

And from the AiG email newsletter from 8/7/04:

Is evolution really sun worship?

Part of the evolutionist’s religion is that energy from the sun–acting on a primeval soup millions of years ago–caused the first life-forms to emerge. Thus, they believe that the sun really gave birth to living things. They are really giving glory to the sun’s energy for life.

Down through the ages, culture after culture has worshipped the sun. If you recall, the Israelites were warned not to worship the sun like the pagan nations around them.