Why settle for scientists when you can get bikers?

Les Lane sent me a link to a weird, funny, and distressing story: Motorcyclists to show support for Creation Museum. It's from Answers in Genesis, which tells you a lot right there...

Anyway, it's several motorcyclists showing their support with a rally for the brand new creation 'science' museum that Answers in Genesis is building in Kentucky. I guess if you can't get scientific support, you can always find a few bikers. Maybe some of them are named Steve.

Here's a discouraging bit of news from the end of the article, though:

The $25-million museum project has passed the halfway mark for donations (an $800,000 museum donation was recently received from a long-time AiG supporter), and exhibit design continues in earnest.  The AiG staff of 85 plans to move into the administrative side of the complex in a few weeks; the museum has a faith promise opening timeframe of spring 2007.
That is truly depressing, that ignorance can accumulate that much money and throw it away on propaganda. I wonder what kind of good work the NCSE could do with 25 million dollars?